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Lady of the Lake

This piece came straight from my intuition as I collaged, did transfers, and painted. One thing led to another. The face came in because an image of birds I had transferred onto the canvas was in the shape of a face. I loved the idea of a face made up of birds, so I went with that. As the painting progressed, I noticed that a bit of gel had taken the shape of a feather on the woman's arm, so I drew that in as a tattoo.

I love how her face was just there, wanting to be pulled out. I drew in two other birds at the end that matched the type of birds in her face.

The original is 18"x18" on gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic and collaged papers (that mostly got covered up.) As for what it means and where it was coming from, I'm not sure yet. These things bubble up from my subconscious. I do know that birds are messengers for me. But I like to also leave things open for others to interpret and find their own meaning there.

Prints are available on 8.5"x11" (small) and 13"x19" (large) fine art paper with a border for framing.

Large Print, Unframed
Large Print, Framed
Small Print, Unframed